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Sinaloan Milk Snake


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One of the most popular Milks.

Comments Probably one of the most popular and most widly kept of the Milks is The Sinaloan Milksnake. This is simply a gorgeous snake with very wide red bands, while the black and white rings are very narrow..creating a distinctive apperance amoung a wide variety of very similar Milks! This species originates from Sinaloa Mexico and is amongst the easiest of the milks to keep. It often raches four foot plus in length!

The Sinaloan is now being produced in patternless, clown and striped and blotched phases...There is also a most stunning Albino form now available.

I would keep Sinaloans in a four foot viv or slightly larger rub, with a statted mat...temps of around 27-28c and water bowl, aspen substrate and hides.

Sinaloans are one of the least skitty Milks and dont tend to musk, making them even more desirable. They are good mouse eaters from hatchlings and most of their growth will be done in the first year and a half, reaching breeding size by three, prehaps two years of age! they can be paired after their winter brumation period saftly, and i have never had any try to "Eat each other"!!

They are not aggressive, very easy to handle and care for, and a snake i would definitly recommend to any beginner. Sinaloan Milks..An ideal snake!!!

Liked about it Calmest nature of the Milks.
Outstanding colours and new Morphs.
Easy to care for and not aggressive.

Didn't like There really is nothing not to like about this snake!!!

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By bluerain
Jun 12, 2010
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