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Default Breeding long till full grown?

They breed like crazy, which is great! except I'm finding that I'm having cleaning issues, I'm trying to watch out for those tiny little babies and feel bad for disturbing the eggs... maybe if I take out the spagnum moss and just keep it as soil it would be easier...
Still, it's proving to become as a sort of inconvience.

How long do these babies take to reach full size?
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Im assuming you have A. fulica

They are sexually mature within six months and most of their growing is done within the first nine months, altho they do continue to keep growing slowly.

I wouldn't worry about disturbing the eggs, I remove them from the adult tank and place them in a smaller tank - just makes it easier to collect babies if they are all in one place.

Moss isnt neccesary so you can remove it to make collecting hatchlings easier. I dont have moss in with my fulica purely because it will get eaten. My iredalei have moss, which attracts the hatchlings (they're a nightmare to find in amongst it all).
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