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Default sustainable Keeping and buying Beetles

Hi everyone,
i have been scouring the net for information on keeping beetles efficiently and have not come across any specific details on how to do this. i am keen on keeping and breeding rhino and stag beetles. I am unsure on how to create an appropriate setup, Im certain on the size of enclosures,temperatures and humidity. What i am unsure about is how to go about providing suitable substrate without having to order Japanese substrates and buying decayed wood etc.

what kind of wood would be suitable? what kind of substrate would be suitable?

i would like to sustain my own way of providing suitable substrates and decayed wood for larvae growth, from my local woods or surrounding areas that seem to have plenty of rotting old branches etc,Would this be risky though and can the larvae be in risk of local disease or pests that could threaten them?
if so what sources of larvae substrate and wood/leafs do you use that are reliable and reasonable priced.

I have many Rubs at my disposal and an insulated shed that i have emptied for the purpose of starting a beetle collection/breeding etc. however i have not found many sources of adult beetle pairs on the internet or however on the classified section of these forums, not for the species Im looking for which are basically aimed at 'Big' and 'Colourful' such as the rhino,stag,goliath,hercules etc. If any one knows anybody that sources the adult pairs or larvae for any of the species and is also very informative and supportive I would really appreciate it.

p.s i am sorry if there is already a thread somewhere on this forum but i cannot seem to find it and anything close nobody can answer the specific questions i have thanks for your time reading this.

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Sent you a rather long pm. Mind my rambling tho :P hope it helps
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Hiya been having the same problem as you ish mines main the substrate problem but yeah I've had to order my beetles from Taiwan ?? cost me quiet abit of money aswell....carnt even tell the Mrs!!! I'm going to a inverts show in Huddersfield next Saturday hoping to find out info bit if you've managed to find anything out would you forward it on to me please looking to find out as much info as possible and want to share because I've realised how hard it is to get
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Hey im no pro but i have been keeping and breeding beetles for afew years and have a fair amount of larvae and beetles.
Any questions you guys have, feel free to pm me, i dont check here often enough. and to do a care sheet for beetles and larvae and breeding would be huge as different sp have different needs.
So jusy let me know youre questions. What breed you have. And what youve been doing so far. I might not be able to help but I'll try my best or point you in the right direction..cheers andy
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