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Old 30-07-2008, 09:35 PM
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Default Bearded Dragon Senses?

hey, im just wondering what bearded dragons' senses are like? do they have good vision, and what sort of colours do they see etc? also how is thier hearing and smell? just curious, i often get asked by friends, 'does she have really good sense of smell' etc etc, and i never know the answer.
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i think they are more of a visual hunter, i think they have good eye sight. (one of the best of lizards so i'm told) love moving things
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judging by the way mine is i don't think their sense of smell is great ..... doesn't matter what food i offer unless it moves it aint interested .. i think their hearing is good as when i walk into the room mine is already looking at me
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This is in my opinion and my observations so don't quote me, I think their hearing is superb, smell; bad and vision is good I think they like to recognise objects by taste though so taste is brilliant.

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