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Default veiled cham how often do they poo?

Hi everyone,

I just want to know how often should a chammy poo?

Ive got a 6 month veiled cham and shes going every 2 to 3 days... is that normal?

Also Im feeding her like 15 to 20 locust a day (which i powder in her vits). She will eat more as she doesnt stop eating but her cut off is 20.... I give her 8 in the morning 8am before I go to work and 8 to 10 when i get home around 5pm

Is this ok? had her 2 weeks now and she looks lovely an healthy (nice light green colour) the bit between her eyes isnt sunk in. her eyes are alert and are not sunken either....

i mist her in the monring and through the day (by my parents) and put ice cubes on the top throughout the day....

i have seen her drink from the leaves too and i also gently mist her (not direct)

I just wanna make sure im not over feeding her and that pooing every 2 to 3 days is ok?

thanks guys
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Ive got a year and a half male and he only goes every few days to dont know if its normal tho as im not sure he is in the best health i rescued him from someone who didnt know how to keep him and im just doing my best for him until i can get him to the vets end of the month
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As adults they eat far less and therefore poop less too! At 6 months you could start reducing your fem,ales intake of food. Overfeeding can encourage her to lay large clutches of infertiles which can shorten her life. I was feeding my first female about that much food (plus her temps were way higher than they should've been) - this resulted in her laying two enormous clutches of 104 and 102 eggs! Sadly, I learnt the hard way about overfeeding her and I only had her a year.

As babies, chams eat a lot every day and so poop every day too. As they get to about 6 months their food intake drops and they poop less often too. My female (16 months) only poops every 2 to 3 days, and my male can go almost 2 weeks between poops, lol!

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chameleon poo

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