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Old 21-10-2010, 06:07 PM
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Default Leopard gecko hasnt pooped in about a week!

My leopard gecko (3 yrs old) who ive had for just over 3 months now has always been fine with shedding, pooping, eating you name it. Recently I introduced one of her old housemates to live with her (who she had lived with for 3 years). Three days later the new comer was bullying her and not giving her a chance to eat, so i seperated them. She has eaten a fair amount since (no more than her usual amount before the newcomer arrived) ive fed her locusts every three-four days. She hasnt pooed since the newcomer, which is over a week now, shes only left a tiny white lump!

I've given her a couple of waxworms earlier this evening to try and loosen her up, but shes still pretty scared from the newcomer and isnt willing to let me handle her so I dont wanna force her il wait til she comes out like she used to and wait for me to pick her up.

Anyone got any suggestions if the waxworms dont work?

Please help im worried!
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give her time , she may not have the same routine as u other geckos,... what substrate she on
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Shes got vinyl flooring so shes not impacted. I only have one gecko now, Nestie (my first gecko who ive had for 3 months), the other gecko didnt get on with me so i thought it best to return her to her original owner where shes now happier!

Is a week not unusual for some geckos to not poop? She usually poops every 3-4 days
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the waxworms worked, she pooped
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Shes probably very unsettled at the moment so don't worry too much if shes not herself for a couple of weeks! She may eat less, hide away more and therefore she won't poop as much. She will be ok once shes settled in. Try not to disturb her too much, I know thats hard when you are worried about her.
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Thanks she seems better now, i gave her a cuddle earlier and she was very squiggly but she calmed down, i had to give her a bath because she'd got shedding on a few of her toes! Managed to get most of it off until she started waving her tail at me so i put her back and fed her! Think shes just a bit untrusting of me at the moment but im sure she will come around
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