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Old 11-04-2008, 06:38 PM
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Smile RUBs / Really Useful Boxes!

Thought I'd post some info on RUBs here for any newbies who have no idea what the rest of us are on about!!

RUB = Really Useful Box... a brand name for a plastic tub with lockable handles.

Website is here:
Go Shopping - Really Useful Boxes - Full Range

They come in a range of sizes... 50 litre size being the most useful for adult corn snakes and royal pythons. 5L or 9L sizes are useful for hatchling snakes. There are no rules on what sizes you MUST get of course.

50L box:

Or, if you want the same sort of size but with some more height (great if you want some small branches inside) - go for a 64L which is the same dimensions as a 50L, but taller:

For even MORE height, there's an 84L option... again same size as 50L but lots taller. I actually have my corn in one of these as he's a pretty big boy... and the tub was only £16 from Staples!


Recently a new tub has come out, a whopper at 145L... haven't seen these in person yet so can't advise what species they could accommodate? Anyone else care to post about these??


  • Lockable lids - so very secure
  • Lightweight plastic
  • Easy to make ventilation holes (use a drill, soldering iron, or heated metal skewer)
  • Good for keeping humidity
  • Raised bottom, works very well with a heatmat underneath
  • Cheaper than 'proper' vivariums
  • Saves space (handy for breeders)
Where to buy:
  • Staples
  • Argos (50L is £10)
  • Woolworths (stock some of the smaller sizes, good for younger snakes/hatchlings)
  • Maplins (stock some of the smaller sizes)
  • Macro (I'm sure I've seen someone mention seeing them in Macro?)
  • Really Useful website: Go Shopping - Really Useful Boxes - Full Range
  • Google them, I'm sure other places will come up!!
Check out the sticky thread for some pictures of a corn snake housed in a RUB.
There's lots of other pics about too, but if anyone cares to post more here I'm sure it will be useful!


A RUB rack, is basically a shelving system for multiple occupants - very handy for those of us with larger collections or imminent baby snakes! There are quite a few professional 'RACKS' on the market... actual racks are quite expensive and usually come as complete setups (with heating/thermostats) and with sliding lidless tubs for convenience. Not all of us can afford these though... so creating shelving for multiple Really Useful Boxes is usually the hobbyist's alternative.

These aren't my pictures as I haven't made one yet... just a few I've saved from other RFUK members as I thought they were cool - if yours speak up!
And of course, anyone else who has pics please post them too!!

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Old 11-04-2008, 06:43 PM
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Nice one Asha If you can get some RUB heating/rack advice on here, this would make a great sticky

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Old 11-04-2008, 06:45 PM
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Old 11-04-2008, 06:59 PM
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My corn snake RUB... this is an 84L RUB from Staples (he's a big adult male) which cost £16.99. This is really only a temporary home for him, as I'll have a spare 4ft viv for him once I build new vivs for my boas.

He spends most of his time in the warm hide... but there's also the cork/wood hide on the cooler side for him too. For a big corn he uses the branch quite often too!

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Old 11-04-2008, 07:25 PM
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this has got to be stickied good thread asha
Snakes for sale pm me

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Old 11-04-2008, 08:09 PM
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yeh thread hun, i agree shud be made sticky lol

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Great thread Im going to use RUBs for the first time this week for some new arrivals for quarantine this has really helped me Thanks
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Old 11-04-2008, 08:25 PM
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Missed out heating info!


As mentioned above, heat mats work very well with RUBs. Putting a polystyrene sheet underneath, heat mat on this, and RUB on top works very effectively too.

Heat mat should be placed under a RUB, not inside - and should cover roughly 1/3 to half of the viv floor.... this is to provide a warm end and a cool end.
Heat mat should always be plugged into a thermostat (on/off mat stat, or pulse prop) to regulate temps. You will need to make a hole big enough for the thermostat probe - this can then be placed inside the RUB.

Do not just set the desired temp on the thermostat and expect it to be correct - you will need to monitor the temps using a good, preferably DIGITAL thermometer (the other types are rubbish!)
Fiddle with the thermostat, and keep checking the thermometer until your desired temps are achieved and maintained.

See the caresheets section Care Sheets - Reptile Forums UK for specific temperature requirements of the species you are housing.


The number of air holes you make for ventilation is entirely up to you. I like to place them at either end of the RUB, right in the middle, and a few rows in the lid. Add more gradually if humidity is too high.

Others find it easier to cut an entire square out at either end of the RUB, and cover with mesh/plastic grids. Some people just make them where the natural RUB 'dimples' are placed on the tubs.

Just try not to make too many!
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With snakes that require humidity I find that the boxes have enough ventilation around the lid without drilling holes. If drilling holes I always drill the lids not the sides,(I use 5 and 9 litre boxes as hide boxes with a 50 mm hole) as you can buy spare lids off the site and use them for any excess hatchlings.Harry
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Also, there have been a few reports of young corn snakes getting their heads stuck in the narrow gap around the lid of RUBs and dying. Not a huge risk, but a risk nonetheless.

For a simple method of fixing this problem - see this thread:

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