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Default R.I.P Sherbert :(

I hope you're happier now baby, you had a rough start to life but you were healthy in the end x

Vets on friday said you were completely healthy, come back tuesday and you're dead, under your palm tree Always in my heart <3
0.1.0 White German Shepherd - Blue
2.1.0 Viper geckos - Teeny, Tom & Tiny

0.1.0 African Pygmy hedgehog - Cody
0.0.1 Ackie monitor – Khaleesi
0.0.1 Bearded dragon – Dede
0.1.2 Budgies – Pepsi, Juju (Jewel) & Hedwig
0.4.0 Rats – 1 hairless (Cersie), 1 blue Russian (Renly), 1 husky (Hodor) & 1 double rex (Stannis)
1.0.0 Syrian Hamster – Delilah
10.0.0 Leopard geckos – Autumn, Kat Von D, Blizzard, Radar, Freya, Lucy, Pastel, Sparklebum, Gem, Sapphire
0.7.0 leopard geckos – Cadbury, Titan, Bruce, Chequers, Fascio, Mcqueen & Shrek
0.0.1 Pacman frog – Jeoffry
0.0.1 Chubby bull frog - Derp

1.0.0 African pygmy hedgehog preferably a reverse pinto
1.0.0 Rhac. Chahoua pine island red
Parrot – macaw, African grey or cockatoo
Sugar gliders x 2
European hamster
Any female viper geckos

Various leopard geckos
0.0.1 Scheltopusik/European legless lizard

Pm me for details
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