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Default RIP my beautiful fishies :(

First, my beautiful fan tail goldfish Hercules passed away a few weeks ago. He was the cutest little baby, so brightly speckled and the way he followed Love-A-Lot was absolutely adorable, like a little brother who yearns to be as great as his idol, his big brother. But the tank was consumed in algae (well, you could still see, but not very well) and Hercules passed on.

Then, we got another goldfish for a very sad Love-A-Lot, my 6 year old goldfish, a Black Moor named Kevin Moore. (Haha). And a few days later, his big cute bulgy eyes no longer saw and he had glubbed his last glub. So sadly, I buried him with Hercules.

And then the very same day my plecostomus Chris Cintron started suffering weakness, out of the blue, and died a few hours later. I really liked that fish a lot, he was sooo ugly but always looked so happy as he ate.

I immediately took Lovie out in fear for her life but it was too late, whatever disease struck them had already gotten her. Lovie gave in about 45 minutes ago. I can't stop crying, 6 years of my life I fed her and watched her and watched her colours change and would put my finger in and let her nibble the food off...6 years to end to this. And there was nothing I could do.

RIP Hercules, Kevin Moore, Chris Cintron and most of all Love-A-Lot.

Even in death I love you all...
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RIP little fishies
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