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Default how do i bring my tortoise out of hibernation

hello i have had my tortoise in hibernation through the winter but i was wondering how do you bring them out as this is our 1st time hibernating him.

the fella in the pet shop told us how to hibernate him but failed to mention if there was anything to do when bringing himout

do you just bring him out or do you sit him in some shallow Luke warm water or something

any suggestions welcome
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if you bring him out in the morning or have the time then just bring him into the warm, his table, and he'll wake up himself, when he's awake then he can have a nice warm bath and some will start to eat within a short time. If however you have to wake him fast then the bath can be used straight away its more or less the same procedure as he would normally do in the mornings, just make sure he has a chance to have a drink.
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thank u for that i will do that tomorra
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I bring mine into a warmish room and let them warm up for an hour or two (adults) less for smaller tortoises. Put their lights on, then put them near the light but not under, so they choose when they are ready for basking. Once they have warmed up throughly, then I bathe them. And check eyes, nose and mouth. I offer food, some take it straight away, others take longer. But at this time hydration and warmth is more important than food
Wet any food fed, as this helps with the hydration.
Light/heat off when they have gone to bed for the night, then back into the old routine
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