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Default Live Feeding Laws

Firstly, this is not a debate, or discussion into the practices, nor is it for you to say how good, or bad you think it is.

Myself, and a few others have been making countless posts, telling people of the legalities of live feeding.

This is quoted from British Parlements resources site.

Currently under the 1911 Act it is not illegal to feed a live vertebrate to another unless you cause it unnecessary suffering, so that would have to be the result of a court case and the judge would have to make a decision.

Those of us who have been involved with reptiles will argue that a mouse that is being produced for food really has no cognizance of what is going on and exhibits no fear.

Whilst we absolutely do not want to encourage live feeding, we think we need some clarity as to whether that is going to be made illegal under this clause of fighting. Our concerns are, because of Clause 3(iv)(c), the need to be able to exhibit normal behavior patterns, that snakes in the wild feed on life prey, there are no carrion feeding snakes, so that would mean we are not going to be able to feed them frozen food; we are going to have to feed them live mice, and equally we would be opposed to having to introduce that.
this practice is currently legal so long as not practiced in a public place. There has always been confusion over the legality of this practice as no regulation directly relating to this has ever been decreed. Many millions of rodents are destroyed every year by break back traps and poison, compared to these methods the kill by a snake is swift and efficient
Basically, the laws as they are NO NOT ban live feeding, but experts and animal welfare groups DISCOURAGE it.

The new laws concerning animal welfare may IN THE FUTURE make it illegal, but there is an equal chance that they will make it ILLEGAL TO FEED F/T, or PREKILLED.

Because, under proposed versions, they will make it a legal requirement that natural behavior is exibited, and as said, this would mean live feeding only.

Another proposal outlaws it completely. This would mean alot of dead reptiles(boiga, and other species that will not take FT/prekilled.)

Basically, i cannot see either of these versions getting through, and i foresee the laws remaining the same.

The ambiguity probably arose from other laws, banning fighting such as cock fights, and bull fights etc.

some people claim that placing a live mouse with a snake for the purposes of a feeding is still deliberate intent to induce them to fight
BUT when it comes down to it, the practice is legal.

It is my choice as to whether or not i do this, and i personally choose not to.

All quotations can be found on:
UK Parliament - Publications

(Disclaimer; i do not condone live feeding, under normal circumstance, or where there is a alternative, but in some cases it is necessary, and no matter what our opinions, it is ultimatly LEGAL)

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