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Old 16-11-2011, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Diamondback View Post
I am putting together a viv for one of these beauties and I have seen a lot of people using dowel as perches for these animals. Do any of you use dowel and if so what sort I ask because most of the dowel rods I find are pine and I thought pine was bad for snakes ?
Hi mate,
You can go to pretty any Joinery workshop, or any wood supplier with a lathe and request any size dowels of any wood, if you go for a really hard dry wood (that's non toxic) it will absorb any moisture from the wooden viv and give it better contact. I just used 8mm ash dowels i made my self and glued them also. It wouldn't really matter if it was toxic as it wouldn't come into contact with your rep if it was drilled and sealed properly, although it can't hurt to take precautions
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Are these a hard speices of snake to keep eg temperment/feeding & humidity plus housing?

Fantastic looking snakes just don't think i could look after them that well

what set up would they need?
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Originally Posted by geckomagic View Post
Ok time for a couple pics of some new additions recently!!
(sorry all iphone photos)

First up is a sub-adult Arso Type
Currently unsexed, will sex once settled in, but is looking female.
Stunning in the flesh!!


Neonate Aru Type

Then heres some updated photos of the other 2.

Male Yappen type
(Not sure if the locale labels were mixed on this one, stunning anyway)

Female Mixed Locale - Eugene Bessette

Stunning collection Kris. The Arso is my favourite. Is Arso a genuine locality type or is it an Aru x Sorong?

By the way if you still have that retic for sale early next year I'll take it. I'm waiting to move house right now so unfortunately I can't right now.
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Originally Posted by Boid View Post
Look forward to seeing pics. One of the nicest chondros I've seen. Is it still going in the same viv as this one is older one than you originally planned?
yes - the set up is an 18" exo so I would expect it to be ok for a good 6months or so
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Not the best pic and I'm going to have to re attach the light cable
But don't mind on this occasion
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im interested in getin one of these snakes th reptile shop i go to has a pair and they have been lockin up so fingers crossed ill get one
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Old 16-11-2011, 06:54 PM
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One of my Biaks (in shed) in a new reptile box. Terrible pics (you can't even see the black markings) and I really need to get some decent ones done soon.




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Old 18-11-2011, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Boid View Post
Quick pic of my Aru type. Just had it's first shed with me and it came off clean.


WOW that is a stunner mate! Talk about green!!!
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Here is my 2004 big girly Excuse the shed this is how i got her and she has had a good shed since. She is 6 foot and the only Chondro i have that i wont handly. She like to be left alone. Her son below is as tame as a corn snake even late in the night.

And her Son 2007 and now her lover, seem wrong saying that! Those that have seen this guy will agree he is morw and better yellow in the flesh

I hope if all goes to plan i will have some nice High Yellows out of the clutch. The female has produced HY in the past with all green male Biaks. I know Biaks can hold alot of yellow fooling people in to think it a HY then it turns green but her 2007 clutch turned out almost all HY and i am in contact with there owners building up a family tree so to speak So fingers crossed....

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i love these
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chondro , green tree python , gtp , morelia viridis

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