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Default How often do you feed large snakes?

I feed my burms (7ft & 10ft) every 10 days with a big rabbit, just wondered how often people feed their snakes over 6ft and how much.
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Old 17-10-2011, 11:52 PM
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I feed my 12 1/2 foot retic 2 or 3 xl rats every 3 weeks or less.

He's quite a chunky fella but not fat..
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when they start sizing you up
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Originally Posted by bladeblaster View Post
when they start sizing you up
and there was me thinking it got onto my bed for a cuddle

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No fixed day or time or size for my burm I feed him when I feel he needs it some times he gets a few rats every couple of weeks other times he will eat a giant rabbit and not be fed for a couple of months then around November he stops feeding and decides to eat again when he feels like it!
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Pretty much same as you, or big ass guinea pig.
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i feed my 9 foot carpet python a small rabbit every 2 weeks and some times he will have a rat aswell if one of the others dont feed.
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I feed my adult Burms and retics a l/xl rabbits every 3 weeks to a month
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Old 18-10-2011, 11:20 AM
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I feed my Boa a large rabbit every three weeks to a month she is just over 6 foot and chunky. I feed my Anaconda 2 large guinea pigs every 6 weeks to two months he is around 9 foot and chunky. I feed my Retic a large rat, and maybe a chick or two if she still looks hungry, every week. She is young, around 5-6 foot, and is more lean. As she gets older I will feed her less frequently, and I will do the same with my other snakes. I prefer feeding large meals less frequently rather than feeding often!
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for retics and burms...once they are over 5ft odd they get fed every 3-4 weeks...boas once a month odd...but in general I have no real routine, sometimes they get fed more often...other times less often, just as and when really, with babies they get fed ever 7-10 days ish.
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