The Snake (and Lizard) Starlet
Written by Ava100   
Think all girls are grossed out by slithery, slimy, sneaky snakes? Think again!

Emma isn't one of those girls! She's been keeping them since 1996 and loved it so much, she stated breeding them in 1998.  She began with reliable corn snakes, then moved on to include royals and BCIs.

Finally, she decided to take it even further by expanding her reptile collection to include lizards.  She began incorporating leopard geckos and crested geckos when they first came out.  

She was even the one to get her brother in on breeding snakes! Unfortunately, the two of them had to cut down their large 250 snake collection to a modest one of around 30.  Nevertheless, Emma finds herself concentrating on special ones like her white lipped pythons and BCCs.  

Emma has gone on to help other reptile hobbyists and breeders and has even partaken in many rescues over the years.  She has also taken on a bunch of non feeders (especially royals) to help people out.  

We're proud to say that thanks to our beloved site, Emma is able to share tips with others that share in the hobby.  "The main thing for me about this site is connecting with others that share my hobby as the family are definitely sick of hearing about snakes!"

But we're not! Here's more about Emma's hobby from her own mouth.

What is so appealing about snakes? Why go ahead and breed them too?

The first thing that drew me to snakes were the amazingly bright colours, after handling a few they felt like no other pet out there, so silky and smooth.  Just generally fascinated by them.  I was the kid at school that would always catch the spider and take it out before someone tried to splat it.  So always been fascinated by all creatures.  Then a friend of mine wanted rid of a cornsnake, my parents had a soft spot for unwanted critters so I got my first snake.

The reason I choose to breed was when I started out there weren't many places to buy reps from and I had managed to acquire a male and a female just through chance.  I had read of all these amazing morphs that were being discovered and wanted some of the pretty colours.  Knew nothing about genetics when I first bred corns, soon learnt after that.  I have always bred to make something for myself firstly and not just breed for the sake of it.  The rest of the clutch I sell on to help fund the cost of keeping them all.

How are lizards different to care for than snakes? Easier? Harder?

Lizards are very different to me.  Harder or easier really depends on the species of both.  Most lizards need UV, calcium and vit D supplements, they need feeding more frequently than snakes, generally require more space considering the size of lizard and you not only have to keep them but their food too.  Common species or both snake and lizard are pretty simple to care for that why those species have done well.  Each area has its specialist species that you need to gain experience before keeping but with research no one type is harder than the other in my eyes.

What snake and lizard type is your favourite?

Lizard it would have to be crested geckos, the sticky feet and ability to climb anywhere is amazing.  And the way they clean their eyeballs with their tongue.  Great species to keep and will convert even the most un-reptile friendly person.

Snake is would have to be the Kenyan sand boa, they are pretty much like marmite in the snake world you either love them or hate them.  Never get big, easy to care for, easy to handle and the very cute faces.  But this is closely followed by loads of other species like the Dumerils, BCCs, White lipped pythons and Royals.  That's the thing with snakes it hard to pick a favourite they are all great for different reasons.


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