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Mike Hobson may be new to the reptile world, but he sure doesn't show it.

He's known he'd be keeping reptiles in his home since he was a child and now that he has them, you can call him something of an expert.  Although he would never admit it, he knows what he's doing.  

It all started on December 30, 2009 when his partner told him that all the birthday presents she wanted to get him online were out of stock.  With  £100 in her pocket, she asked him, "What do you want?"

Being the expert he was, Mike, without thinking, quipped, "A snake." 

"With that I went online and did a load of reading (my eyes where hurting afterwards lol) and the snakes i read about where corns and royals," Mike says.

The next day he went with his partner online and found a normal 18month old female royal, a large vivarium, lights, and more. The asking price was , £120 but Mike bargained it down when he noticed she had retained shed on her head and upper neck. 

"So i said 'I have £90 and I'll take her now.' So home i went with my 1st rep."

Being a newbie to it all, Mike was worried about the retained shed and used our forum (go RFUK!) to talk to fellow member Michael Keeling for some advice.  With Michael's encouragement, Mike upgraded to the "RFUK Supporter Subscription." (So you all know he's the one to ask about this matter! ;-))

Within one week, Mike had 2 baby corns on the side. 

Ironically, it was his significant other, the one who wasn't sure about the snake in the first place, who told him she wanted a Bearded Dragon.  Later they ended up with two baby Beardies as well.

Then, he couldn't say no to someone selling a 12month old male normal royal with a vivarium and other accessories so now that's in his collection as well. 

Now he's looking into making a RUB stack since he's put a down payment on a 05 Male Lemon Pastel Royal bought from a member on RFUK and he will be getting it in about 4 weeks.  

The next snake on his list is a female spider royal because he likes their look but he would also love a Bumblebee royal.

Mike now knows the kind of snakes he wants and thinks breeding is the next step.  But he's got lots of reading to do first and it's not happening for at least a year.

"All i can say is that RFUK has helped me so much--from looking for the right temps to feeding. And I can safely say that RFUK is the best UK reptile site that I've seen and I will be here for years to come! A big Thank You to every member that helps people on the forums and to the mods for all there hard work!" --Reddragon619 aka Mike

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