Reptile Reaper
Written by Ava100   

His name might be Reaper941 on the Reptile Forums, but perhaps Bearded Reaper would be appropriate.  And no, we're not talking about the hair on his chin. ;-) Reaper941, otherwise known as Ewan, is a fan of Bearded Dragons and it was the reason he came to the Reptile Forums in the first place.

"I first joined RFUK in March 2008, just looking for people selling Beardies locally," he told me.  But 2 years later, through changes, sub-forums, and new mods galore (including me, Ava, your new blog moderator!) he's still here and more active then ever!

There's a reason he's become our first member spotlight on this blog.  He is passionate about his hobby and he makes us all believe that Reptile Forums really IS the best place to discuss reptiles!

Ewan is from Fife, Scotland and has a healthy fascination for reptiles and dogs.  He started posting in the Lizard section for information on Bearded Dragons and fortunately enough, found the information he was looking for (apparantly the research prior to his membership to RFUK was not very good.  "Thanks to RFUK and their Lizard and Habitat sections," he says, "I've managed to get my first Vivarium built.  Fairly more impressive than when I used to 'keep' frogs and snails when I was a kid."

Member Spotlight - Going live next week!
Written by aweis   


Thanks to all the members that have offered to participate in our Member Spotlight Series...  We have about 20 offers so far and we hope to go live with the first member towards the end of next week.


Thereafter we will put a new member in the spotlight every couple of days.  Stay tuned. 



Launching RFUK's Community Blog
Written by aweis   


We are launching today the RFUK Community Blog in which we will be featuring blog-posts about many different topics related to reptiles and to the RFUK membership.  RFUK Members interested in contributing to the Community Blog are welcomed to do so... We will also invite selected bloggers from outside RFUK to contributed on specific reptile-related topics.


To get started, we are launching a Member Spotlight Series in which we will be interviewing RFUK members interested in sharing a bit about themselves and their experiences with reptiles.

If you'd like to participate and be interviewed for the Member Spotlight Series, please take a moment to pm aweis.














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