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If he wasn't married to his wife, perhaps Robby Robbins would be married to the snakes he find in the wild.  After all, searching for them, even when he doesn't get to keep them, is one of his favorite pastimes. 

"Unlike most field herpers, I am not on a biological scavenger hunt just trying to check off all of the species on a list.  Finding reptiles in the wild is a lot more personal to me.  It is like a link to my childhood," he says.

When Robby first began to keep snakes, he took on 6 of them, even when his wife never wanted snakes in the first place.  Still, she has bee ok with letting the others into their home.  While she even asked that his  original plan be only four, guess you can't keep a snake fanatic down. She gracefully accepted the rest. Of course, he loves his pet snakes, but he still continues to search for the rare ones when he can.

"Yes, there is an incredible thrill in finding things in nature," he says, "When I flipped the board that a milksnake was under recently, it was like finding buried treasure.  The triangular patterns on the back of the snake looked like native american art.  The coolest thing about seeing and photographing that snake is how rare it is."

Robby grew up in Tallahassee, Florida and spent summers in Ocala, Florida.  "Finding cool snakes in Florida is much easier," he says, "They are just so many species and the climate in Florida is just perfect for field herping.  My best field outings are always with my kids, even if we just find the usual things.  I will never get tired of going on outings to find snakes."

The snake finder captures his escapades through photos and text on his blog, Snake Adventures.   He currently has over 20 captive bred snakes and more breeding projects in the running.  Obviously, this means collecting any snakes from the wild is out of the question.

Robby says his favorite snakes are Mountain Kingsnakes, but that those are not the easiest to keep and breed.

He has some words of wisdom for those who want to keep kingsnakes and milksnakes though, "

"While kingsnakes and milksnakes are pretty easy to keep as pets, I recommend that those that are new to the hobby should start slow.  Start with one snake and get acquainted with snake keeping, so that it doesn't go from really cool to really overwhelming in a matter of weeks or months.  If you live with someone that dislikes reptiles,  being considerate is key.  Reptiles can be kept out of sight for the most part."

Sound advice to us!

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