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Originally Posted by violentchopper View Post
I agree it reduces bacteria but they have been proven to be crap. When I had a major operation in hospital they wouldn't let me use alcohol gel because it doesnt do much. They said the only reason they have them at every hospital door is because they cannot force people to wash their hand with water. It's better then nothing. If you at home it's far better to use warm water and an appropriate soap. Google alcohol hand gel and see the studies that have been written about it.
For it to be any good it needs to be around 80% or higher eg rubbing alcohol. But if your using it after every time you handle snakes your skin is gonna be ruined.
Actually, it should be above 60%. Hand gel is proven to be efficient on hands that aren't already soiled and if you use it after hand washing its much better.
Many hand gels contain glycerin or another emollient to prevent alcohol drying out the skin - my skin isn't ruined. (I'm a student in healthcare and aspiring nurse)

The efficacy of alcohol-based hand disinfectant products.
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