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Originally Posted by Anthony6297 View Post
Right my uneducated welsh friend...
Turn your phone on(lol)
Download a (free)QR reader app from your android market
open the link
open the QR reader and scan the little picture tag that opened on the link..
it will automaticlly download the app
Enjoy pal
All I get is a qreader screen with a

and has loadss of adds at the bottom no app downlaods to my android htc?

B.Smithi 0-1-0. C.Cyaneopubescens 0-0-1. P.Irminia 0-0-1. P.Metallica 0-1-5. P.Regalis 0-1-0. P.Fasciata 0-0-10. P.Smithi 0-0-1. P.Striata 0-0-1. Hapalopus Columbia LF 0-0-2. P.Ornata.0-1-0. .P Tigrinawessli 0-0-1 . M.Balfouri 0-0-2. M.Robustum 0-0-1. T.Blondi 0-1-0. Lampropelma Violaceopes 0-0-1. Hapalopus Triseriatus 0-1-2.

Uromastyx Occelatus 2-3-0. Uromastyx & 20 eggs -Uromastyx Acanthurinus 1-1-0
HR Albino Heterodon narcisus 1-1-0
Ceratophrys Cranwelli 1-1-0

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