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Default Red eyed crocodile skink research

I have been doing a lot of research on these for a while now and have started typing up my own work on them and just wanted anyone who knows about these if my work so far is correct this is what I have so far any comments welcome and if I have anything incorrect please correct me as I am looking for a pair of these at the moment and cannot wait to get them

Thankyou in advance


Latin name: Tribolonotus Gracilis.
Adult size: Average of around 18-22 cm.
Average life span: Have been know to live upto 10 years but not a great deal is know about them at present.
Native to: Indonesia (Irian Jaya) and New Guinea
Temperament: Shy
Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks Native Habitat
RECS are normally found in humid wooded areas near water in Indonesia and New Guinea with ambient temperatures of around 22c - 27c although from what I have read they dont really bask too much but if they have a lower ambient temp then an area should be provided of around 83F and the humidity levels should be 60% or above. They can also be found in human populated areas within the right conditions.
At an early age the head is of a yellowish to creamy colour with reddish orange colours also present the base colour of most rec skinks is a browny colour and at this age they have a yellow slit on their eye socket. They are around 6cm in size at this time.
Adult T gracilis have an overall size of around 18-22cm with the male being slightly larger and heavier at this size the red rings surrounding the eyes are fully developed and they will have also a orange colour under the chin and they have a dark brown/black body markings along with the three rows of spines along their backs and tails.
I have read alot about people saying they dont need a uv lighting but as far as I know they need a low percentage of UV lighting is required you can make use of infra red lighting as they are quite shy and usually come out in darker periods.
Terrarium Size
I would suggest that for a pair you would need something around 2.5ft- 3ft ideally something tall as they enjoy climbing and would not suggest wooden vivariums as they need high humidity and this could damage the wooden vivs
Terrarium Decor
You want as with any reptile to keep their terrarium as natural as possible and you need to remeber they are found mainly in rainforests areas so you want a substrate that will hold moister. I have seen alot of people have stone and dirt with water and then a layer of moss on top, you need to have pleanty of hides through out the terrarium both above and under the substrate is a good idea. They also like to climb and branches that they can climb on should be provided. Red eyeds also like water and can swim so ideally a terrarium large enough to provide something they can swim in but still enough room to provide the hides and and space for them to lay would also be good.
Red eyed crocodile skinks Husbandry
Ideally the terraium should have drainage so the feces can be flushed out with water if this is not possible the water would need to be changed daily and the terraium cleaned weekly.
Red eyed crocodile skinks food
Red eyeds will eat meal worms wax worms and crickets and have heard some are feed crickets and should be dusted with clacium twice a week although adults can be supplimented once a week unless females are producing eggs then this should be done daily.
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