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It's good to see people interested in these little lizards. Can I ask where you got your information from? If you haven't already look at this website > Deans Crocodile Skinks..Main page < It is pretty much the crocodile skink bible!

I'll point out a few things (but these are just from my experience):
- My crocodile skink becomes a lot more active at slightly higher temps (around 88-90F), this could be individual preference but as long as a good temperature gradient is created then you can get away with slightly higher basking temperatures.
- I would recommend that these guys are given some UV light (mine is currently on 5%), they are crepuscular and I will often see mine basking under the UV early morning and later on in the day.
- I wouldn't give them water deep enough to swim in as they prefer to bathe (they'll only really swim when startled and when running away) but yes, a water area with these guys is important
- I never see my skink eat but (judging by the bowl) she like dubia roaches and mealworms. Skinks are known for enjoying worms, snails and slugs (although mine has never shown an interest)

It's a good start for a care/info sheet though you've obviously done some good research
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