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Yes very interested in these the are beautiful little reptiles and have been looking into them for a good few months now I have been reading alot about them and am eagerly awaiting getting them my research is an on going thing I have just been trawling the internet and looking in forums but there doesnt seem to be a great deal of people that know about these wonderful skinks.

I think with the swimming thing I had seen a few videos of them swimming and read a few bits about it and took it that it was again maybe preference by the crocs as I have 3 bearded dragons 2 of which just sit in the bath and another that actually swims about obviously i dont put too much wanter in with them but he get right into it and swims about for ages lol.
But its good to be corrected if I had it wrong thankyou although i would never put anything oin water where it coulnt touch the bottom.

As for the uvb the person clearly didnt do much research into them before they got them as they clearly had no light as they said they dont have need uvb and they use a ceramic heater so therfore thier skinks have no light atall and I thinl one of the first things I learnt was they need UVB.

LOL the page you gave me the link to is on my faourites bar and said to my girlfriend have a look at this its like the bible for red eyeds very good website the guy obviously loves these little guys.

As for my info its just trawling the internet and filtering out the rubbish but to be honest I could just use the website you added above lol but i just feel if I can type it from memory then it shows that its is going and im remembering it or perhaps im just weird lol.

I have been looking for these for a long time and am finding it very hard to find anyone that breeds them or sells them anywhere that does sell them have been out of stock for several months I am hoping that I can pick some up when I go to KP REP Show in august.

I am just trying to get as much info as possible on them for myslef really I did the same with my beardies but never typed it up really even though people say they are really easy to look after and are the best for starters I still wanted to have as much info as possible then you can give them the best life possible and get the best results from them

Thankyou for your info I can now go and make my first amendment to my info lol Im hoping the rest is ok though

Thanks again
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