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It's really nice to see people doing their research! But yeah it is difficult when so much advice is conflicting.

I think UVB is important with these, mostly because I find supplementation quite difficult with them (powder always falls off before they get eaten!). I'd rather be safe than sorry

Don't worry, I do the same thing Got a notebook with all care requirements although I've remembered it all now.

Acquiring individuals can be a bit of luck, I came across mine randomly in a shop that only ever sold the usual beardies, royals, leos and some chams (so was a bit of a one off). The guy whose website I linked works at Crystal Palace Reptiles apparently so they have CB ones there. But I think snakes'n'adders and Coast to Coast Reptiles sell WC's. They're occasionally for sale in the classifieds but not too often so you just have to keep checking. I saw them for sale last year at Donny so you may have luck at the shows.

Glad I could help
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