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Lol thought the pictures where stolen from his website then thought that maybe he worked for them have already emailed them to see if they have any that will be coming up for sale as I have seen they have the muddy eyeds for sale so fingers crossed also I have been checking the reptile trader regularly. Seen loads advertised on pplaces when i search on google but when you get to the ad its like 3 years old lol. Also been checking things like preloved and such like but I am hoping that cpr come back to me as I have heard alot of good things about them and if not there is the show coming up in august and then the hamburg show which my partner maybe going to. But I will check those websites that you have said and may find some luck there and yes thankyou again you have been very helpful.

I also have an add on here to see if anyone has any for sale or if they know of anyone that breeds them
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