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Originally Posted by Tombo46 View Post
It's definitely a move in the right direction. I'm really looking forward to it. It's always been a nice central show but I know a lot of people who were put off by overcrowding etc. it was never a problem for me as I just got in early on my membership and blitzed the place before it got busy. Then went back in as it got a bit quieter!

I would imagine Doncaster racecourse being easier to deal with too, especially after recent events : /

I have to say though. I know during the whole court case thing the FBH/IHS covered their own court costs instead of claiming them from the other side. I don't know if the move is partly down to them refusing to sign another contract or not but if it is, what a crappy thing to do after forcing you to open a court case against them. Especially after you covered their costs.

Yes, many aspects have been a little tedious and stressful, but its onwards and upwards from now, we are concentrating on making the Society stronger and the Breeders Meetings an even bigger success for the future. Lots to do, with lots of very focussed people.
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