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Hi. We've recently bought a Beardie (born 29/05/12) from a reputable long standing reptile shop.

We have a 3' viv, with Arcadia 2' UV tube, heat mat, 100w spot lamp and bark substrate.
He is being fed locusts (small), mealworms, spring greens, apple and dandelion leaves as well as the odd silk/wax worm. We tried crickets but he's not keen on them and then it's a nightmare getting them out the viv.

His UV is on from 7-7. Heat lamp is turned down to about 75f at night, 86-90 daytime. (ambient temp's - middle of tank)

We noticed today (6th day of being home) he's off his food and his tail has turned grey over the last few days (lost its colour)
He had been seen rubbing his face on the log a day or so ago.

Is he shedding?

He's also much quieter and either sleeps or sits in one place all day.

Before (Last Sunday when we got him)


Thanks in advance.

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