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Bulb off at night the average house is fine tempature wise for a beardie, light will keep beardies awake as the "3rd eye" is light sensitive. So no lights at night. If your house does get very cold you can use a heat Mat at night.Turn of uv and basking at night

As for the dull tail shedding mine start with a tail 90% of the time..

He could well be quiet as he's getting used to his new enviorment, beardies are not always the most active lol

I will add while young you should not really keep them on a loose substrate as their aim for food is not great, don't get me wrong I keep adults on loose substrate. Just a heads up.

Also invest in a couple of digital thermometers as the dials are pants, I have dials for quick reference but use a temp gun ad digital thermometers daily

I can't believe how cheap I'm doing him for now !!!
4 gene male dwarf Retic 400
This prices include full setup!!!!!

dwarf retic
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