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Thanks all for your replies.

We're a little miffed, frustrated in fact with the amount of varying advice on offer.
Obviously we want what's best for the animal but the advice seems so conflicting.

The reptile shop we bought the beardie from have been trading for donkeys years (at least 20 if my memory serves me right) they have excellent reviews and recommendations and their advice was to keep the bulbs on all night. Explaining that in the wild they will burrow under a rock and use the heat from that which the sun has warmed all day. It was also said that they cannot see incandescent light (the heat bulb). Failure to keep the bulbs on and the heat dropping below 60 could make it become ill over time?

However, my logic tells me that a desert can get very cold at night, as well as dark! The heat absorbed from the sun during the day dissipates and by early hours the air and rocks become cold.
So in theory, replicating the natural environment is surely better?? Is it not?

We are confused to be honest and it is becoming stressful just knowing what is RIGHT for the beardie.
We do have a heat mat (small) under his substrate which is under his thick wide branch where he basks and then sleeps under at night.

I am tempted to put the UV and spot on timer from 7-7 and leave the heat mat on 24hrs as it is now. ??

Arghhhhh! ;-)

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