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Wow he loves the meal worms doesnt he! Your temps seem to be pretty much bob on, he will go onto his basking spot to warm up and also 80F is a good temp for your cool end of the viv. . Your UV is big enough for the viv although when he reaches 12-18 months i'd consider getting a 4ft viv and min 3ft tube.

As a juvenile he should be eating about 75% live food and 25% veggies (adults 25% live 75% veggies) so feed him live food daily as he needs this goodness to help him grow. Try to keep meal worm as a treat for him as they have a high fat content and not a great deal of goodness, beardies love them like children do sweets! Crickets and locusts have all the goodness he needs if dusted with nutrobal or some other mutli vitamine/calcium (nutrobal is about 5 for a 50g tub, 1/4 of a tea spoon will last for about 4 feeds so it will last a long time!) Live food should be given 2-3 times a day, as many as he can eat in 10mins with his last feed no less than 2 hrs before lights go off so then he has time to digest it otherwise it will rot in his stomach. Check his viv at night for any uneaten crickets as they can stress him and/or bite him at night. Check out this link for some realy good advice/ideas on food and nutircional content for beardies.. Also, i'd definately remove the substate and put kitchen roll/paper/lino down. If he swallows some of the wood he will have a serious problem with it, kitchen roll/lino/paper is also easier to clean and gives crickets less places to hide. Its ashame because your viv looks really good with the wood chips down but remember, they are desert animals. Can i ask, how far is your heat lamp from the highest point of his log?

He seems to of settled quite well, mine wouldnt eat if i was watching him, this went on for about a week.. A lot dont eat at all for the first week or 2 so you are definately doing things right for him to let you video him eating his meal worms!Give him time to settle in, it was 2 weeks before i picked mine up, most people advise not to chase them as youngsters because it can stress them so if he comes to you then thats great news and it is a sign that you are doing things right, if not just be patient as he will get to know you from you going in his viv to spot clean/water and feed him.. The good news is that all you need now is just a few minor adjustments and then you will be able to relax and enjoy him!
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