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Originally Posted by Bradleybradleyc View Post
Not bad advice ! The one major thing I would is that you are spraying your Beardie in the viv it's a missive no no as you humidity (it's worded as if you spray him in the viv) if I got the wrong end of the stick I apologise. Personally I never bath beardies as they shed just fine without the aid of water. They get all nearly all their hydration from their veg/fruit/salad

As for the normal bulbs all they have to say on the box is reflective as these emit a "tighter" beam of light creating the best basking spot

As said on the whole not bad advice

Thanks Bradley, yes i have been misting him once a day with about 4 squirts of water whilst still inside his viv.. I dont have a water dish in their though so i figured that doing this (or 3-4 times a day when he's shedding) would create very little humidity (about the same amount as having a water dish perminently in with him would create) Taking him out to mist him would of been stressful for him when i wasnt handling him but now i can hold him i will get him out when I mist him in future. How would you reccomend I hydrate my next beardie (when i get him/her) for the first week or 2 while he/she gets used to their surroundings? It just goes to show that i have been reading up on beardies for years before getting one so then i can provide the best care and I can still get something wrong lol
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