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Originally Posted by bluemoon1502 View Post
Thanks Bradley, yes i have been misting him once a day with about 4 squirts of water whilst still inside his viv.. I dont have a water dish in their though so i figured that doing this (or 3-4 times a day when he's shedding) would create very little humidity (about the same amount as having a water dish perminently in with him would create) Taking him out to mist him would of been stressful for him when i wasnt handling him but now i can hold him i will get him out when I mist him in future. How would you reccomend I hydrate my next beardie (when i get him/her) for the first week or 2 while he/she gets used to their surroundings? It just goes to show that i have been reading up on beardies for years before getting one so then i can provide the best care and I can still get something wrong lol
How did you start with the handling. Ours is still skittish (1 week at home) and even flinches if you move in front of the tank too quickly. He will let you move around in his tank but if you get too close he will move away. Thanks

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