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Default female beardie & male rankin dragon

Hi i have a male rankin dragon & female beardie i need to rehome, approx 3 years old. Both are in good health, quite active, easy to handle & love there food.
Rankin dragons for those that dont know are smaller than beardies and dont gain as much weight.
The female beardie how ever didnt have a great start to life and as a youngster had her rear feet removed so are now stumps, she also lost a couple of toes on her front feet (reason for this unknown). However this doesnt effect her mobility and can be lightning quick especially when foods involved.
Reason rehoming is ive had to move back to my parents house due to personal circumstances and typically got the smallest room, working 12 hour shifts and jungling 2 dogs the dragons and keeping tabs on my gecko collection housed at a friends at mo i simply dont have the time to care for them properly and they deserve more than that!
I am open to offers for the dragons, I will NOT give them away free because im a big believer that if someone isnt prepared to offer a little something they wont care for them properly. I would like to see them rehomed together ideally, and will only split them if someone makes an offer on the male first as they are the hardest to home.
I already have on offer on the viv from a friend but i will consider a sensible offer for the whole lot. Viv is a viv exotic in beech effect 3ft with plenty of space inside for the dragons, heat matt, uv light and heat lamp can go with viv but water bowl and hide will be kept by myself.

Thank you for taking the time to look.
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