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You can keep many animals in there such;

- leopard gecko's ( several )
- Bearded dragon ( 2 very most )
- royal pythons ( 2 )
- Corn snakes ( 2 )
- boas and larger pythons ( babies )

Wooden viv's aren't the best for keeping humidity obviously because the wood absorbs moisture but as long as you put down a substrate what is both suitable for the animal and holds moisture good you still could probably keep the humidity controlled especially if you get a spray bottle and put luke warm water in the bottle and sprayed the animal and its enclosure a little. Your best getting a bearded dragon because 3/4 of the time there very friendly loved to be handled and generally easy to look after.

You need to think about the money though because your going to have to have a heat lamp on constantly and your best getting a habistat to control temperatures to also lower the temp at night to mimic the natural environment, your going to have to get a ubv light source and will have to keep it on for around 12-14 hours a day off the top of my head so the electricity bill goes up.

Then you have to think about food, they are omnivore so both vegetation and meat so you'll need to take yourself to the supermarkets every so often to buy a mixture of leafy greens, fruit and veg.. then you have to go to your local exotic pet shop or order live food only which raises the cost up abit and you also need to get calcium dust to sprinkle a little over their salad bowl for that extra calcium they require.. im a bearded dragon freak if you ever need any help feel free to message me hope this helped you
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