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Originally Posted by Phill Robinson View Post
You can keep many animals in there such;

- leopard gecko's ( several )
- Bearded dragon ( 2 very most )
- royal pythons ( 2 )
- Corn snakes ( 2 )
- boas and larger pythons ( babies )

Some good suggestions but I wouldn't consider keeping more than one of any of these animals together (especially if the OP is new to keeping reptiles).

Reptiles will, and do, fight. You'll be surprised at how much damage a leopard gecko can do to another. I also wouldn't keep 2 beardies in a 4x2x2, that's minimum for one. Minimum for 2 would be 6x2x2 and even then you would need a spare setup in case it doesn't work out.

Cohabiting can work, but more often than not it will end up badly (and costly!)
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