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Originally Posted by ScalezandTailz View Post
Sorry, your kidding right? a 6x2x2 for two beardies?? I kept 2 in a 4x2x2 and for 13 yrs they did great together - as long as you have enough hides, basking spots and climbing branches, and watch for any dominance/bullying that size does a perfect job, i know there will always be an exception to the rule mind...
I do this every time a 'what can i put in this viv?' question comes up - ACKIES!!! I'd suggest a pair in a 4x2x2? I've got a quad in a 6x3x3 and they're the most fun I've had in years of herp keeping(!) but I also agree with the above posts, varnish, varnish and varnish again - if you do it right the viv will last for years (we've got a cham in a wooden viv and we gave 5 coats of varnish too 3 years ago and today, not a scratch or warp in sight)
Agamas are fun, euros maybe? Rankins you could keep a pair or trio in that size I would have thought? I wouldn't keep aborial geckos in a wooden viv mind, I house my cresties, maddie and tokays in glass exo terras...
Sorry i read it wrong i thought it said 4x2x2 aha stupid me but i agree with you completely
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