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Originally Posted by ScalezandTailz View Post
Sorry, your kidding right? a 6x2x2 for two beardies?? I kept 2 in a 4x2x2 and for 13 yrs they did great together - as long as you have enough hides, basking spots and climbing branches, and watch for any dominance/bullying that size does a perfect job, i know there will always be an exception to the rule mind...
I do this every time a 'what can i put in this viv?' question comes up - ACKIES!!! I'd suggest a pair in a 4x2x2? I've got a quad in a 6x3x3 and they're the most fun I've had in years of herp keeping(!) but I also agree with the above posts, varnish, varnish and varnish again - if you do it right the viv will last for years (we've got a cham in a wooden viv and we gave 5 coats of varnish too 3 years ago and today, not a scratch or warp in sight)
Agamas are fun, euros maybe? Rankins you could keep a pair or trio in that size I would have thought? I wouldn't keep aborial geckos in a wooden viv mind, I house my cresties, maddie and tokays in glass exo terras...
Sounds like we'll have to agree to disagree about beardy tank size.

Just to back up what I said though - minimum for one beardy is 4x2ft. For each extra animal you should add 50% extra (i.e. 6x2ft) and a basking spot. The risk of adding basking spots without giving the extra size is the potential of not providing the correct thermogradient and therefore encouraging dehydration. Not to mention the aggression between the two animals. They won't see it as a companion, they will see it as competition for territory, the most heat, the best food and any other resources.

Maybe you were lucky with your beardies, or just didn't notice any aggression. I wouldn't advise to anyone putting 2, potentially 2ft animals into a 4ft tank (giving them essentially 2x2ft worth of space each). Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should
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