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Originally Posted by snakess View Post
I've used faunariums for my young corns and they do fine in there till big enough. After that I've put them straight into 3 foot vivs. I've never put them into a 4 foot viv, most will be fine in a 3 foot viv for life. Although if you have the funds and space a four foot viv will be fine too. They would also do fine in a larger faunarium for life, vivs are just nicer to look at and to display your snake. It's really up to you and your individual snake, some will utilise the space others wont. Good luck with your new addition.
What size faun would you keep a corn in for life? I've never seen one big enough.
I keep my reptiles in vivaria, heated with ceramics. If you need set-up help, and can't find the answer here;
Setting up a vivarium with ceramics - Heating and Humidity
Setting up a terrestrial vivarium with pictures
Setting up an arboreal vivarium with pictures
PM me and i'll help if I can
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