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Originally Posted by scotty667 View Post
Yeah mine is 42lt but i just measured it earlier because i did think mine was bigger and it is LOL dunno why LOL oh i agree corns are hard nuts LOL.
Originally Posted by Alex Boswell View Post
These are the ones: ASDA 42 Litre Underbed Plastic Storage Box and Lid - Clear | Plastic Storage | ASDA direct

They are around 2.5 foot x 1.5 foot which I think is ok for a snake upto 4ft MAX.
Therefore, smaller adults may be well suited for this size of tub.
Yep that's the one lol except i cracked mine which is why i had to grab one from the range lol exact same make just more expensive lol, it's 32 inchs long so 4inchs of 3foot but they hold the heat well mine at the moment is at 28.6C and ranges up to 29.8 down to 26.8C depending on whether i open the window or put the radiator on LOL.
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