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Originally Posted by beckoneon View Post
I lost a baby corn in a Viv and I'm guessing it squeezed through the gap in the glass, now she's in a rub inside the Viv ! Wasn't risking it happening again, once she's big enough she can go back in the Viv ! I wouldn't take the risk. Rubs are far more secure when they're babies.. Luckily I found mine after her being lost for 3 days ! Very lucky..

I put the rub in the Viv coz if I have an empty Viv I would just be tempted to buy something to full it lol ... No will power
Ha ha that's exactly what we will be doing as I would be tempted too. Iv always wanted a bearded dragon but petrified of bugs but if I had an empty viv I would prob go get one!
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