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Originally Posted by smiley View Post
I have bought my son a 3ft x2ft x 2ft viv as he wants a bearded dragon. It has 2 lamp holders but I presume these are for a heat lamp and basking light? Ive read the strip light 10% uvb is needed also. Im confused as to how big the uvb light should be i.e. does it need to run the full width and where to position.
Also on a seperate note, what substrate do you suggest?
Any help would be appreciated!
I'm afraid 3ft isn't big enough for an adult beardy - minimum should be 4ft x 2ft.

As for the lighting there should be 2 lights, one a normal light bulb (for basking and heat) and the other the UVB tube. Have a look at Arcadia's reptile website, there is a perfect UV lighting guide on there. The UVB should run around 3/4 to 1/3 the length of the viv starting from the hot end (so the cool end doesn't have UV). The heat bulb should be connected to a thermostat, this controls the temperature so it doesn't get too hot or cold. Temperatures should be measured with digital thermometers (dial thermometers and the thermostat dial are not accurate).

Substrate is a preference thing - you can use sand (not calci-sand), lino, slate, newspaper and several more.
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