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Originally Posted by smiley View Post
I have bought my son a 3ft x2ft x 2ft viv as he wants a bearded dragon. It has 2 lamp holders but I presume these are for a heat lamp and basking light? Ive read the strip light 10% uvb is needed also. Im confused as to how big the uvb light should be i.e. does it need to run the full width and where to position.
Also on a seperate note, what substrate do you suggest?
Any help would be appreciated!
Ideally you want a minimum of a 4x2x2 for one adult beardy. Assuming your buying a baby then the 3x2x2 will suffice for now but an upgrade will be necessary in the future. I don't know why it has two bulb holders, for a bearded dragon in a viv that size you want a single light emitting heat source, either an ordinary reflective spot bulb from tesco b&q etc or a halogen, again tesco etc. don't waste your time or money on reptile specific branded bulbs, they do just the same job.

Regarding uv you can go down the 10% route but it is highly recommended nowadays to purchase the T5 12% uv from Arcadia. It is a much better product and is currently the best available, well worth the extra , looks much better too, very bright. If you go down the T5 route you would normally purchase a tube 1ft smaller than the width of your viv and mount it on the hot side of the viv where your basking spot is. This will then created a shaded area in the cool side of the viv (a photogradient) which the beardy will benefit from immensely. Basically it will recognise a shaded area and go there to cool down. So you want a 2ft T5. If you do choose to go down the 10% route (don't!) then you will need it to stretch the whole length of the viv as it is not powerful enough to work properly over a foot away (unlike the T5).

Do you know what temps should be and how to measure and adjust them, etc? Do you have a stat? It is extremely relevant that you research like a mentalist BEFORE purchasing a bearded dragon or any reptile. Please be aware that I don't know how long you have spent researching, could be 5 mins, could be 5 years so I don't mean to sound rude in the slightest so I apologise if it sounds that way!

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