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Originally Posted by smiley View Post
Ok thanks that's really helpful. I have been researching but must admit its confusing. I believe the temp should be 35-43 in basking area and 26-30 in the cool end - is that right? (please correct me if wrong as this is why I have joined this forum!).
Not sure about regulation of temp - am getting 2 digital thermometers to put each end.
Ok, you should have 3 digital thermometers to measure the basking spot (hottest spot directly under the spot light), hot side wall, cool side wall. You power the heat source through a stat and position the stat probe in the centre or cool end of the viv to stop the viv overheating. The stat temp is a rough guide so don't use it as a thermometer, use the digital thermometers to get the correct temps. Under the basking spot you want 105-115f, so 40-45c. Hot side roughly 35. Cool side roughly 25, although I'd imagine you may struggle in a 3ft viv. You'll want to use a low wattage bulb otherwise it will be too warm in the cool end, I'd suggest 60w tops.

Edit: regarding the basking spot, 105-115 is a rough guide to start you off. Each beardy will differ in temp preferences. You want to have your beardy basking for roughly 5 minutes at a time (disregarding initial heating up in the morning). So, set it up to have a basking temp of 105, if you find your beardy is basking for longer than 5 minutes then it needs upping a bit. Increase it by a couple of degree and monitor your dragons reaction over the next few days. Repeat the process if your beardy is still basking for longer that 5 minutes. If you find your beardy basking for less than 5 minutes on average then it's the same principal just decrease the temps rather than increase them. Remember to wait a few days to test the outcome properly.

Glad to see someone research and asking questions prior to purchasing, this is a great forum, stick around and you'll learn loads in preparation for the other lizards you will eventually purchase too!
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