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Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
Ok, you should have 3 digital thermometers to measure the basking spot (hottest spot directly under the spot light), hot side wall, cool side wall. You power the heat source through a stat and position the stat probe in the centre or cool end of the viv to stop the viv overheating. The stat temp is a rough guide so don't use it as a thermometer, use the digital thermometers to get the correct temps. Under the basking spot you want 105-115f, so 40-45c. Hot side roughly 35. Cool side roughly 25, although I'd imagine you may struggle in a 3ft viv. You'll want to use a low wattage bulb otherwise it will be too warm in the cool end, I'd suggest 60w tops.

Edit: regarding the basking spot, 105-115 is a rough guide to start you off. Each beardy will differ in temp preferences. You want to have your beardy basking for roughly 5 minutes at a time (disregarding initial heating up in the morning). So, set it up to have a basking temp of 105, if you find your beardy is basking for longer than 5 minutes then it needs upping a bit. Increase it by a couple of degree and monitor your dragons reaction over the next few days. Repeat the process if your beardy is still basking for longer that 5 minutes. If you find your beardy basking for less than 5 minutes on average then it's the same principal just decrease the temps rather than increase them. Remember to wait a few days to test the outcome properly.

Glad to see someone research and asking questions prior to purchasing, this is a great forum, stick around and you'll learn loads in preparation for the other lizards you will eventually purchase too!

You don't need 3 thermometers. A single one in the warm end is fine for monitoring (most people can't or don't calibrate a thermometer properly anyway, so having any is pretty pointless!). The stat probe should never be down the cold end either, or it won't be able to control the temperature properly (would you place the thermostat that controls your oven outside the oven doors?). The bulb wattage advice is also skewed by your lack of understanding of how a thermostat works.

The heat source and thermostat need to be PART of a balanced set-up. The viv design is just as important as anything else if you want to set up and maintain optimum temperatures. Everything will also vary, depending on the ambient conditions as well.

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