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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
You don't need 3 thermometers. A single one in the warm end is fine for monitoring (most people can't or don't calibrate a thermometer properly anyway, so having any is pretty pointless!). The stat probe should never be down the cold end either, or it won't be able to control the temperature properly (would you place the thermostat that controls your oven outside the oven doors?). The bulb wattage advice is also skewed by your lack of understanding of how a thermostat works.

The heat source and thermostat need to be PART of a balanced set-up. The viv design is just as important as anything else if you want to set up and maintain optimum temperatures. Everything will also vary, depending on the ambient conditions as well.
Well I guess that's where we differ. Everyone has different ways of doing things. To be fair I don't have three thermometers either, I have one in the hot and cool end and use an infra red temp gun to measure surface temps of basking areas. However I recommended the use of three thermometers to keep things simple and assumed a temp gun wasn't available. I disagree that the stat probe should never be down the cool end. I have it placed there on the basis that it is a fail safe and will stop my viv from ever over heating (he will always have the cool side of the viv to go to if he's hot. No I wouldn't place a stat for an oven outside the oven doors but that's because you'd use an oven stat to get an oven up to temp, not to ensure a certain part of it doesn't go over a certain max temp. I use the stat in my viv to keep the cool end below a maximum temp so if the probe was situated in the hot end then I would have no way of keeping it stable. If outside forces were to increase ambient temps by a few degrees it would affect all areas of the viv. My lights simply dim more if the cool side is getting too hot, this in turn obviously lowers the basking temp with it as that would have increased slightly too in situ with the ambient.

The bulb wattage advice isn't skewed, again it just reiterates how we do things differently, I understand exactly how a thermostat works and it does the exact job I intend it too perfectly. It brings my basking spot up to temp and keeps it there while keeping my cool side at a low enough temp to allow effective thermo regulation and ensure's it will always be at an optimum temperature so I must be doing something right!

Please feel free to share as to why you believe I am doing it incorrectly as all the evidence clearly states differently. I am still learning so would like to hear if there is anything I can better, however I know how I do it works perfectly for me (and many others). I'm not denying your way doesn't as I'm sure it does for you. you set your stat up to control the basking temp level and this in turn keeps your ambient a steady temp whereas I set my stat up to control my max cool side temp which in turn keeps my basking temps steady. As said different strokes for different folks!
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