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Originally Posted by Bradleybradleyc View Post
Are you feeding mealworms as a main diet ?? as he seems to be eating a lot of them, personally I would you mealworms as a staple diet.
what I ment to say is dont use meal worms as a staple diet, roaches,locusts,crickets are the best form of a staple diet
he looks a bit plump some beardies just do has he been for a poo lately? so will look fat if they haven't had a poo for a few days, do the biggest turd you have ever seen, then "shink back to normal size how much does he eat in the average day.
When basking beardies will often "flatten themselves out" in order to absorb more heat,
I'm editing this as I was down the pub half cut, ehich is never a good idea giving advise, (edits will be in red sorry)

At 5months old I would offer live food 6days a week, and fruit veg salad every day(a nice viarity). Cut the mealworms down to a couple a few days a week
As they are harder to digest and not as nutritional as other live food

Note to self don't give advise when

I can't believe how cheap I'm doing him for now !!!
4 gene male dwarf Retic 400
This prices include full setup!!!!!

dwarf retic
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