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Default Leopard Gecko

I was hoping someone could give me a little bit of advice, ive now managed to tame one of my leopard geckos the only problem is i get really nervous when she climbs up my arm as im afraid she might fall off and hurt herself.

I sit by her viv but dont know the best way to handle her as she is still young and quite quick. As she climbed up my arm i tried to keep it in the viv as much as possible so that if she did come off she wouldnt hurt herself. I really want to feel confident in picking her up and taking her out of her tank but am scared that she might get on the floor run off and hide in many of the gaps in my front room it under the sofa, TV computer desk.

Can someone give me any tips or advice as ive now not been confident to pick her up over the last couple of days and dont want all mine and her hard work of trust going out the window.

Thanks Guys x
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