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Originally Posted by pete-vtr View Post
FYI those digital thermometers are known not to be that accurate, you should really get a proper infrared temperature gun, the last ones i tested were as much as 5* out
Thanks, but it's a matter of preference really. The infra-red ones, by the time you've opened the viv door, moved the hide etc, are going to read lower than they should because the heat escapes as soon as the door is opened. The digital ones I have are fine, I've tested them in my fridge etc they all read the same as each other
I keep my reptiles in vivaria, heated with ceramics. If you need set-up help, and can't find the answer here;
Setting up a vivarium with ceramics - Heating and Humidity
Setting up a terrestrial vivarium with pictures
Setting up an arboreal vivarium with pictures
PM me and i'll help if I can
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