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My girl is quite controlling. She has no problem being handled but only if she fancies it. She will not be picked up and she will go where she pleases lol.

If she wants to be handled she will climb on me herself.

What I find helps, she has a certain hide in her vivarium that she favours over the rest. I take this out when I handle her and if she makes a run for it somewhere I put the hide down in her sight.

If I try to prevent her from going somewhere she will usually run further in the unwanted direction, most recently the back of the sofa. However when she sees the hide, she will go get in it instead. A very humane trap

Mostly though I just try and make sure I have all the angles covered

If you have any concerns, doubts or worries about your animals health always consult a qualified veterinarian (with the necessary experience).

Nobody can properly diagnose an animal based on descriptions and photos. Especially when those animals, such as reptiles, have a small list of visible symptoms than can be found across a large range of problems.

Always see a vet. Don't let strangers on the internet make you do something you'll regret. They won't take responsibility.
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