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I also never drop the temps at night.
All 11 of mine are on heat mats 24/7 that's are set by a thermostat at 32, the actual temp in the hot end ranges from 31-33ish.

If they want to cool down the can go to the cold end, but I rarely see them resting down there. Only in the hotter months. They all move about a lot, but 9/10 sleep in their warm ends.
They each have a flattish rock that sits half on and half off part of the heat mat an most of them flatten their bellies on that after they've all chowed down to digest their food babies.

Honestly though, I wouldn't panic yet. 10 days is nothing when you think one of mine fasted for 3 months. I was a wreck by the time she decided to eat: seeing her go for that first meal worm made me cry!!!
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