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I keep mine at the higher end of the scale at around 32.6C. I get increased activity and a seemingly brighter Leo (as in awareness not colour).

She seems to like it warmer and she can move away if she doesn't. Obviously if I found her moving away all the time I'd put the temp down but she rarely does.

And for someone who said that Leo's don't start digesting until they get back to their hides in the day that's untrue. Digestion starts when food enters the mouth. Otherwise there would be food squirming around inside

My girl eats at 8-10pm and I wouldn't want to put her heat down for the 8-9 hours I'm sleeping.

If you have any concerns, doubts or worries about your animals health always consult a qualified veterinarian (with the necessary experience).

Nobody can properly diagnose an animal based on descriptions and photos. Especially when those animals, such as reptiles, have a small list of visible symptoms than can be found across a large range of problems.

Always see a vet. Don't let strangers on the internet make you do something you'll regret. They won't take responsibility.
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